October 9, 2012



       I woke up yesterday and decided that I am going to take action on a conviction I had for sometime. I am to write a blog. I am to share “something” with other people.

       I wondered about the title of the blog, the picture and choice of topic. And then it very quickly, just came to me. I knew the best thing to do is write about something you know about, and there is nothing I know more about than being a person who is in the same boat as many other people in this world at the present time-not having much by worldly standards, but knowing there is much value in who God created you to be.

       This blog will be about what it is like to go through a rough patch, a trying time. It will showcase feelings, and thoughts. I will share daily experiences of being in a “holding tank” and making the best of it.

       It will be totally anonymous, the title and username. For in being anonymous, there can be freedom to say what I want to say and not be held back, because someone near and dear to me, who I may have a feeling about, etc., may find out he or she was a supporting character in my life story (for that day), and that person may not be too pleased.

       Writing a diary-like blog is freeing, therapeutic. I hope people will like it. I hope it will touch people, help them, but even if no one reads it or even likes it for that matter, I know right now in my life, I have to write it for myself. I need to get out on paper, my struggles, challenges, frustrations and share them, knowing I am not alone. So many people in the world, I know, are going through the same type of situation.

       I am a firm believer that it is a good thing not to feel alone. I’m sure there are many adult children out there living with their parents or family members, like I am having to do, due to a health “challenge” and negative financial situation.

       There are many people who are having a very difficult time making ends meet and feeling like they are in a hole they will never find their way out of. Well, I know God is working out my situation, and He is working out yours too. So, turn to Him and have faith, He is working right now to one day, get you in a better place; and until you get there, He is walking with you, and when needed, carrying you. He never leaves you. You are never alone and you will make it through this-we all will!

God bless,

Living While Waiting

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One Response to October 9, 2012

  1. Mike Pell says:

    Very very good stuff!
    Keep up the excellent writing, and good luck!

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