November 4, 2012

           For this blog, I will post something I wrote in 2007.  I wrote this one day, after an argument with my parents, an argument that resulted because we simply did not understand each other AGAIN.  I felt so much better when I got this out on paper, over 5 years ago. And I probably do not need to point this out too much, if you have been reading my previous blogs.  You will probably “get”, right of the bat, that I am a “Creative” and my parents are hardcore “Practicals.” 

Being a “Creative”

            I have found that there are two distinct personality types.  People can either demonstrate traits that are described as more grounded, ones that illustrate the desire to adhere strictly to societal standards, therefore being classified as a “Practical”; or they can be a “Creative”, a person who either pursues the arts or has a great appreciation for them, and displays more traits of being emotional, or living by one’s heart and soul. Since I am a songwriter, writer, and musician, a fellow “Creative”, I felt the need to share what it is like to be one and what we “Creatives” offer society.

            In my opinion, “Creatives” have had special gifts bestowed on them, gifts they are to use to touch the lives of fellow “Creatives”, as well as the “Practicals”. Without “Creatives” to utilize their gifts, the world would be a very dismal place, void of a great deal of feeling, emotion, and passion. Beauty from creative expression would not exist without someone to write that beautiful song, someone to bring to life a character on the big screen, or someone to paint a picture that touches many souls and can not be forgotten. Just as everything God created in nature is beautiful and touches human beings, so do the things that come from creation from the heart and soul of those who have been given these gifts.

            “Creatives” live on another realm, a higher one, many of which are very spiritual and emotional. Their highly emotional state of being able to feel strongly, enables them to be open to inspiration, to receive what is coming through them and capture it often by just “writing it down”. Many “Creatives” admit it is a spiritual experience when they write, paint, portray a certain dance, perform their music, design a certain article of clothing from a vision or a custom web page from scratch, etc.

            “Creatives” are blessed in the way that they value living open to possibility. They are not slaves to the rules of society that the “Practicals” are so concerned about. Yes, “Creatives” get real jobs and pay their bills. They abide by the laws, but they also march to a different drummer that only they and fellow “Creatives” can hear.  “Creatives” don’t let societal rules dictate to them how to live their lives. They live by what is in their hearts and souls, and they have the wisdom and passion to hold fast to what they believe in.  They won’t let anything or anyone change what they believe to be true for them. They believe that anything is possible, if people believe and work hard.  They don’t let logic and fear stand in their way. They are risk takers. They do see the grass on the other side and 9 times out of ten, it is greener once they get there.

            “Creatives” value the freedom to act when they become inspired, to express themselves any minute any day, when they feel to do so. Most “Creatives” are very articulate and love to communicate (express themselves), share their thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. Most are highly intelligent self starters who don’t need anyone to direct them on what to create. “Creatives” usually enjoy being around people, and they exude confidence and feel very comfortable in their own skin. They know they have a special gift and they love to flaunt it. To know that gifts you have been given, touch other people’s hearts and souls-that is a beautiful thing. 

             “Creatives” may show a confident tough exterior, but at the same time have a vulnerability that allows them to feel deeply. They can be sensitive and their feelings can be hurt easily, if someone says something negative about what they do or believe in.             When the Holy Spirit moves “Creatives”, He moves them.  And often times, it will and should take precedence over mundane, practical things, the minor things- of course not jobs, but other things that can be postponed a little, in order to get those thoughts and ideas on paper. They are coming from a place beyond human comprehension. It is a gift.

            Without actors, dancers, writers, painters, radio announcers, songwriters, musicians, singers, architects, and anyone else who is pursuing the arts, we would not know beauty that came to be by human beings opening themselves up and letting the inspiration through, capturing it and sharing it with other people. We would not feel emotion and be affected by what they saw or heard. It would not bring us to tears or lift our souls or provoke us to positively take action. We would not feel passion or be inspired. Basically without the “Creatives”, without TV, plays, operas, art museums, music, movies, all the things needed after a hard day at work in order to unwind, life would become unbearable, never having the chance to take your mind off everyday life and escape to someplace better.

            When people experience what “Creatives” do, their quality of life improves. They are reminded that they are still alive with feeling. I wouldn’t want to think of what life would be like without “Creatives”. Would you?

God bless,

Living While Waiting


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